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1.1 How long do I have to pick up my repair work?

Service Pick-up Policy

Any completed, or item due for pick-up, should be done so at the earliest convenient time by the customer.  As a small family shop, we are extremely limited on space!    Any item not picked-up after two (2) weeks from the first notification shall be subject to storage fees (minimum $10/day).   Items remaining after 30 days shall be subject to forfeit.   

We understand that the unexpected might occur: headed out of town, loss of job, not enough $, deployment, etc.   Simply call us, or have someone contact us! As long as you let us know what's going on, and keep us posted, we are willing to work with you!

(760) 489-8083

2 Orders
2.1 How long until my item ships?

Since we are a small family shop, we unfortunately cannot offer next day delivery, or guarantee expedited service.  Items in stock are typically shipped out same day or next day.   Items not in stock may take a few extra days.  We are working with several brands to drop-ship items direct from the manufacturer to save you precious time.  Some parts will be shipped to us before being shipped out to the customer.  We'll get faster as we grow with your support!

Backordered items may take a while as they won't be shipped until we receive them from the manufacturer.  We'll check with the company to get a more precise ETA and make sure your/our order is on their list for shipping.

2.2 What's the refund policy on backordered items?

We will refund 100% of your payment, or offer you store credit towards another item(s), on any items you decide you no longer want to backorder.  On rare occasions, companies require a non-refundable deposit to pre-order or backorder an item (will be noted on item description).  We will try to work with you if this comes up to figure out the best (or quickest) way to refund your full payment.  However certain deposits may be delayed by the MFG.   

2.3 Can I order an item not listed on the Bike Vault website?

Quick answer: Possibly!  ...very well likely!

As with most (brick & mortar or online) shops, it's impossible to have 100% of the product available on the market for purchase.    While we will do our best to put the most popular items on our site, it will take us some time to accomplish this!   If you see a brand (but not the item) listed on our site, feel free to call us at (760) 489-8083 or drop us a line at  We will do our best to see if we can offer you the item for purchase.  If we can't (& you are local) we are happy to direct you to a shop that might offer that brand/item (we're good friends with most local shops here in the San Diego area)


3 Inventory
3.1 Are all these items in your showroom?

No,  there's no way we can warehouse all these items (at this time)!  Our shop is a small family business & have structured our brick & mortar location to reflect on the surrounding community.  Most items here consist of your basic needs (tubes & tires, lights, grips, & other accessories), entry level bikes, used bikes & more.   As we expand, we'll be able to add more, but still intend to keep that family atmosphere.

3.2 What if I don't see an item listed on your website?

Just drop us an email or give us a call.  We sell & have access to many of the most common brands, but it does take time to add to our site.  With each new company popping up, we're happy to explore new companies to work with!

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