TRYX Recumbents

Welcome to the E-Commerce store of TRYX Recumbent Trikes!  If you haven't figured it out by now, the BIKE VAULT and TRYX are the same shop!  While our store originally started as TRYX, as we steadily evolved within our community, we knew it was best to incorporate a traditional bike shop - hence the BIKE VAULT was created.  With the vast majority of our daily sales & service being bicycle related, we have elected to make the BIKE VAULT our primary domain for e-commerce.  So if you don't see the TRYX name or logo, don't worry, we're the same friendly family!

Recumbent trikes (not to be confused with upright “adult trikes”, or “Granny trikes”) are pedal powered tricycles designed with comfortable seats that allow the rider to sit in a reclined position for better aerodynamics and all-day riding if desired. 

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