This is where we will advertise Pre-Owned bikes for sale.  Some items may be sold on consignment & may need approval from the owner before any offers are accepted.

Until we receive our Second-Hand Sellers permit, we will NOT purchase any bicycles, parts or accessories.  No exceptions.

When we do begin to sell used items, we will follow a strict policy that may be above and beyond what is required by law, including but not limited to background check, fingerprint scans, photo copy your I.D., and on-sight photographs.  We will not accept any stolen property, and have the right to refuse any purchase or sales to any individual we feel suspicious.  

By law, if we find any property to be stolen, we have the right to hold the property for at least 48 hours, not including any closed business days, while we wait for instructions from the Sheriff Dept.  If no decision is made by the Sheriff, property will be returned to the individual who dropped off the item.  Purchase of item is still decision of the Bike Vault.

More information to follow as we set this department up.

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